As mentioned in older posts, Frankenstein really has transcended time to take part of our society. As you most likely already know as well, the novel has used movies as a medium to travel through time. Thus, allowing different philosophers, directors, or artists to create movies with different aspects in order to impress the audience.

One of the most known directors, Tim Burton, has taken the story of the novel to his advantage. The proof? Well, Tim has approximately four movies in which an element of Frankenstein is used. In either Corpse Bride, Vincent, Frankenweenie, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, an element of the original novel can be found. This means that the use of a creature coming to life, and a mad scientist giving life are part of these movies.

Now, even though we do see this happen through a flash of lightning, it is easy to accommodate all of these traits to the original book. A lot of extra details have been added more recently in time which have come to fit into society’s understanding of the novel. Therefore, even though you may not see precise details given in the original novel, it is still easy to make the connection between the movies and the novel.

The theme of death and rebirth is also prominent in other Burton movies, such as Beetlejuice, which is very relatable to how Victor’s creature is made from body parts of humans that are now dead. From these dead body parts, Victor is able to bestow life into them and give a rebirth to death.

I am definitely not trying to slam Burton in the ground through this, though I do think a lot of his success can be credited to Shelley’s ideas presented in the novel. Actually, Burton’s success might instead be accredited to even older myths, such as the one of Prometheus, as mentioned in an older blog post! Either way though, I think Burton has done a pretty great job at using elements of an older story to create a new one!


That’s pretty neat, isn’t it? What do you think? Leave a comment below to let me know if you think Tim has really stolen a lot of ideas from others or not!


Frédéric Levesque


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