On Frankenstein and Elizabeth’s wedding night, the newly married man hears his wife’s scream. Frankenstein realizes the true significance of the monster’s threat. He finds Elizabeth’s lifeless body. Furious, Frankenstein sets out on a mission to destroy his Creature. To track the monster, Frankenstein relays on Walton to travel the frozen north. Frankenstein dies, due to poor health, on the ship to the north.

The narrative changes to Walton which continues his letters to his sister.

Walton hears a noise in Frankenstein’s room, and enters it to find the Creature standing over his creator’s body. The Creature delivers an oration over the body, and vows to immolate his own body at the North Pole, then springs out the window onto the ice: “[It] was soon borne away by the waves, and lost in darkness and distance” (p166).

The End.


Felix Tremblay


Mary Shelley. “Frankenstein”. Dovers Thrift Editions. 1994.


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