At the end of volume 2, the Creature asks Frankenstein to create a female for him. Frankenstein tries to delay the fulfilment of his promise. While in Geneva, Frankenstein’s father proposes that Frankenstein follows his mother’s dying wish by marrying Elizabeth (p109). Before marrying Elizabeth, Frankenstein wants to create the Creature’s mate, which he delays after a tour of Europe. In Strasburg, he meets Clerval, and the two travel to London, then to Edinburgh. Frankenstein leaves Clerval in Edinburgh, and leaves for Orkney islands to fulfil his promise. While experimenting, Victor is tortured with anxiety over the prospect of his two creations mating and propagating “a race of devils” (p121), and he destroys the half-finished companion. The Creature, who has followed him across Europe, sees what Frankenstein had done, and vows vengeance: “I shall be with you on your wedding-night” (p123).

In the middle of the night, Frankenstein sets out in a small boat. After reaching the land, he is accused of the murder of Clerval. He falls in a nervous fever for two months. After two months of sickness, Frankenstein is finally cleared of all charges, and he travels with his father towards Geneva. While in Paris, he receives a letter from Elizabeth, which makes Frankenstein decide to marry her in spite of the Creature’s threat.


Felix Tremblay


Mary Shelley. “Frankenstein”. Dovers Thrift Editions. 1994.


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