Future Frankenstein Movie
Potential movie poster, Thomas Simpson

It comes to no surprise that the movie company “Universal” is getting ready to launch their own cinematic movie universe. The new trend in Hollywood is to copy what Marvel did with their movies, in which all films are connected to each other and they periodically release a movie with all characters together. These movies have proven to be quite successful and rake in millions of dollars.

DC is doing it with their characters, Warner Brothers is doing it with their gigantic monsters such as King Kong and Godzilla, and now Universal is gearing up to bring the classic monsters back onto the big screen. This movie universe will begin with “The Mummy”, starring Tom Cruise, and will be released in June of this year. It’ll be interesting to see all these characters return, and eventually star in their own “Avengers-like” movie in which they are all present on the screen at the same time. With so much potential, and so many stories that could be told, let’s look at what I would like to see in this cinematic monster mash, and more specifically, in the Frankenstein reboot.

  1. A Frankenstein story that remains more faithful to the original Shelley novel. As an audience, we don’t get to sympathise much with the creature in the movies compared to the way we can in the novel. Thus, Universal should bring to screen the scene in which Frankenstein’s monster stays with a family in their cottage and tries to learn their language, and get a grasp on human society. This could make for a more sympathetic tragic hero character, instead of a basic hideous monster.
  2. An adaptation that follows the exploration of the North Pole with the explorers, in which hey stumble upon Frankenstein in chase of the monster. The relationship between the captain and Frankenstein is an unexplored territory throughout the numerous movie adaptations. If adapted into a future film, it could give audiences a brand-new perspective on the scientist, while simultaneously letting them witness a critical scene that has not really been shown to audiences before.
  3. I want to see the director give us a brand-new, never-seen-before explanation on how the monster was created. Enough of the dark castles, lighting, potions, and electric eels. If Universal is going forward with a new Frankenstein film, they should create something original that hasn’t been seen before by moviegoers. Perhaps something more faithful to the novel would fit as well. In this sense, the project will take months to complete, and would be more subtle than explosive; something more grounded in reality. This way, there will be more room for the audience to sympathise with the creature.

Thomas Simpson


O’ Connell, Sean. Universal’s Monster Universe: What We Know So Far. Cinemablend


2 thoughts on “Future Frankenstein Movie

  1. Hello Thomas,
    I am not a fan of books and reading is really a challenge for me so I always like to stay informed about what people are reading. This adaptation of Frankenstein by Universal will be a nice alternative for me. The only thing that I have to be careful about the movies is how much they are similar with the books.

    Thank you for this upcoming recommendation
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  2. Great post Thomas! I do agree that the movie adaptations of the novel have not stayed faithful to the original work by Mary Shelley. To add to the elements that you would like to see in the upcoming movie, I would like to see the movie unfold like in the novel. Meaning, how the captain writes as Victor tells his story, it would be an original start to a film.


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