Alright… so perhaps the title is misleading, since a song considered a “ballad” is often soft and pleasing to the ears. Much to the contrary, you probably know by now that Frankenstein is quite rugged and volatile.

So, why would I choose such a title? As it turns out, a ballad still often refers to music, and accordingly, Frankenstein’s creature has seemingly created quite a name for himself in this industry. In fact, so much so, that the monster still receives a lot of recognition, even in modern albums and songs. The monster has gotten entire songs dedicated to him, and several references throughout time.

I agree, that totally isn’t ground-breaking since you’ve most likely heard quite a few Frankenstein related songs during Halloween. However, what may be a little more promising is the name of our website, Exquisite Corpse. George Watsky, a hip-hop artist and poet, created a song named Exquisite which I’ve linked below if you’re interested in hearing it. Anyway, on this song, Watsky included a sample in which you can hear a woman talk about taking different human body parts and assembling them together in order to see “what we have”. This evidently refers to Frankenstein’s creature, and more vaguely the entire Frankenstein story itself. The story begins, and we notice that Watsky starts off by creating an apocalyptic scene in which there are monsters taking over Earth. However, what is very unique to this song is the way in which it was formed. Even though Watsky opens the song, it quickly moves to another rapper, and ultimately goes through six other rappers.

Ok so cool… Some rapper made a song about Frankenstein and then named it “Exquisite Corpse”. What you may not know however, is the exact history of what an “Exquisite Corpse” is. It just so happens that an exquisite corpse, stemming from the French term “cadavre exquis”, is a collection of various images, works, or words put together to form one giant piece.

So now, with all this information, I can proceed to blow your mind. Watsky’s song is named “Exquisite Corpse” because it is a work of art formed through the collaboration of seven artists in total, and even more should we count the sound engineer and beat maker. To top it off, our own blog is a collaboration of a team of six students who regularly create content in hopes of attracting readers and peaking interest in at least a few people. All of our posts, written work, pictures, and perhaps an upcoming song *wink* are assembled and posted on this blog, which is why we can call this an exquisite corpse, and it stays very fitting. I guess I could also mention that it is kind of a pun, in a funny kind of way, and it is definitely intended. What do you think, have we managed to create an “Exquisite Corpse”? Either way, that’s pretty neat!


Frédéric Levesque


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