Here are pictures corresponding to the top 10 locations in Frankenstein. I hope it will help you visualise the story and even maybe make you want to travel around Europe!

  1. Northern Pole / Arctic Sea


2. Geneva (Switzerland)

gen 1850

Geneva around 1850


Swiss landscape

3. Ingolstadt (Germany) (The DeLacey cottage is also in Germany)


City of Ingolstadt


German countryside

4. Chamounix (Mont Blanc, France)

les aiguilles.jpg

”Les aiguilles de Chamounix”

view from top

View from the mountains in Chamounix

5. Paris (France)

paris 1830

Paris around 1830


Paris nowadays

6. Rotterdam (Netherlands)

rott 1895

Rotterdam around 1895

rott now.jpg

Rotterdam nowadays

7. London (UK)

lon 1830.jpg

London around 1830

lon now.jpg

London nowadays

lon now 2

London nowadays

8. Edinburgh (Scotland)

edin 1800

Edinburgh around 1800

edin now

Edinburgh nowadays

9. Orkney Islands (Scotland)


isl 2.jpg

10. Como Lake (Italy) (Where Frankenstein and Elizabeth go for their honeymoon)


lake 2.jpg


Hope you enjoyed!

Rosabel Désaulniers






15 thoughts on “Pictures of the Top 10 Locations in Frankenstein

  1. Hi Rosabel,
    As a writer on the razor’s edge blog, I know how much teasing the new readers is important in order to get him to choose one novel specifically. In this case, I have not read Frankenstein yet, but with your list of images, I can really get a sense of the setting of the story which looks absolutely stunning and the way you present in today versus in 1800 also adds another dimension to landscapes. Europe is a fascinating destination and having captions of cities and mountains mentioned in a book makes me imagine what I could really see.

    Thank you for giving me wings a few minutes

    Florence for razorsedgeslc


  2. I really love this idea of representing the main location from the book! It gives a visual aspect for those who have not read it yet, but also for those who have read it and want to go deeper in the understanding of the story. Thank you for transforming the book into reality!


  3. Hi! I really like your before and after photos. They put you in context very well before we see the movie. I hope the movie directors will recreate a good setting for the movie, just like in your photos.


  4. Hi Rosabel,
    I love this post! It is definitely useful to understand better the context of the story and to visualize some specific moments, such as when Victor climbs into the mountain. It is nice to see where the characters are living, so we can imagine a part of their life that is not written in the book. Your pictures make me want to visit these places!
    Myriam Dubé


  5. I love your idea to show the different locations from the book! When we read we invent the locations in our head based on the descriptions the author gives us. I never thought to look on the internet pictures of the landcapses. I read Frankenstein but I think your post gives us a new way to perceive the book.


  6. I’m not usually a big fan of photographed sceneries, but I must say I’m quiet impressed by the works of the photographers, especially the one in Orkney Islands. It’s pleasant to sometimes see the actually areas and settings that are found in the novel your reading.


  7. This is a very interesting post! I like the fact that it is different from usual posts and it really helps first time readers of Frankenstein get a better graps of the story. In fact, sometimes it is harder for some people to visualize the various locations in a book. This post was a really good idea, thank you for sharing it with us. Keep up the good work!


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