Mary Shelley took use of the University of Ingolstadt, a University located in southern Germany, for the setting of Victor Frankenstein’s studies and the creation of his creature. Even though Frankenstein may only be a fictional student, the University of Ingolstadt is an actual school that has existed for several years. Indeed, the University of Ingolstadt existed from 1472 to 1800 and was extremely renowned around Europe. It offered studies regarding humanity, science, theology, law, and medicine. However, the University’s main objective was focused on the propagation of the Christian faith. Moreover, Ingolstadt is the location where the Illuminati movement developed. The Enlightenment was simultaneously spreading around Europe in the 18th century. Consequently, the school developed a unique image of discovery and revolution which opposed the Christian principles and ultimately led to the necessity for the school to shut down. This image of scientific revolution portrayed by the school most definitely influenced the author in her choice of location for the creation of Frankenstein’s creature.

Here are a few pictures of the University of Ingolstadt.

File:Alte Anatomie Ingolstadt.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt - Wikipedia, the free ...

Rosabel Désaulniers

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3 thoughts on “University of Ingolstadt

  1. Very interesting ! I did know that the school opposed the christian values of that period. This post bring insight to the novel by Mary Shelley by adding knowledge to the choice of location that is found in the novel. Great post!


  2. I find the fact with the Illuminati movement really inter
    esting because it is closely linked with alchemy, which we can find in the novel. Great post 😉


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