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Parallel to his monster, Dr. Victor Frankenstein has numerous similarities with characters from Paradise Lost. At diverse moments in the novel, various characters can be identified through Victor’s actions and behavior.

Victor Frankenstein tries to play God by creating life, but once he completes his creation, he leaves him on his own, horrified by what he has just conceived. He thought that he would be a God figure to his creature, but he discovered that his will and power was too limited to raise and support this beast. God also rejected his first creation, Lucifer, which became Satan.

Some connections with Adam are also revealed as the novel goes on. Adam, in Paradise Lost, follows Eve in the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, which leads to his expulsion of the Garden of Eden. Victor experiences the same path by going to university in Ingolstadt. Once he has a taste of knowledge, he becomes addicted to it, neglecting any other aspect of life like his family. He then creates his monster, which leads to his downfall and eternal curse.

Last but not least, an interesting analogy can be observed between Dr. Frankenstein and Satan. Like stated in the first idea, Victor attempts to be like God. Satan also wants to play God, so he rebels against him as an effort to possess the same power and to rule as the master of universe. Victor’s intentions seem to be less wicked at first look, but we discover his real personality and desires as we read the entire novel. In fact, they both ferociously pursue their goal to be higher than their capacity allows them.

Everyone has a different opinion on which characters identify the best to Victor Frankenstein. Endless other similarities between the characters exist, and they are new ones discovered each day, which is one of the reason that makes Frankenstein still popular today.


Costa Marino


2 thoughts on “Victor Frankenstein’s Connections with Adam, God and Satan

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Indeed, for the case of both Victor and his Creature, they are expulsed from their “paradise”.

      Once Victor creates his Monster following his studies, it is the beginning of what we can call his “curse”. Every member of his family dies and he never feels as happy and delighted as before. His environment is comparable to the world of change and death of Paradise Lost.

      For the Creature, he enjoys life during his approximate 1 year with the De Lacey family, but once he finds Paradise Lost, he realizes the monster that he is. His thought is confirmed when the De Lacey family who are horrified and consternated after he reveals himself. From that moment, his hatred toward human form breaks out and he accumulates murders, falling into the same environment as that of Adam after his expulsion from the Garden of Eden.


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