It seems quite impractical to mention that Frankenstein has been frequently used in our society and portrayed in an array of manners, so much so that it has taken up a part of our culture in several areas. When the name is mentioned to someone in our culture, the typical image of a green man with bolts on the side of his neck pops up in their head. The thing is, Frankenstein has become much more than a simple green monster.

The proof? Spend a few seconds looking around! For example, if you go to the grocery store, you’ll find “Franken Berry” cereal, which yes, apart from being super tasty, does also relate to the monster created by Frankenstein himself. The thing is, these delicious little pink dried-up corn bits have been around since the 1970’s. They’ve been implemented into our society as a common breakfast food for nearly 40 years, to a point where people might even accept it as an individual idea, and not a derivation of the original story. I bet Mary Shelley never imagined her scary and grotesque monster would become an innocent-looking pink monster printed on top of a General Mills cereal box. That’s pretty neat!


Frédéric Levesque


One thought on “I Want to Eat your (BRAIN) CEREAL

  1. You’re right! The thought that Franken Berry cereal are inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel had never crossed my mind. How silly of me. And now I feel like my eyes have just been opened. Thanks for your post!


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