Imagine it’s October 30th and you’ve got absolutely no costume for Halloween. You know you can’t be lame and cut out two eye holes in your white bed sheets to be a ghost, yet you don’t feel like getting all spiffed up by buying an expensive costume. After running through a list of possible options, you finally realize how easy it would be to become Victor Frankenstein’s monster by simply painting your face green and sticking two bolts inside your neck!

Okay so maybe you won’t actually stick the bolts inside your neck, since that may lead to you actually becoming Frankenstein’s monster. Point being, the combination of a green skin-tone and bolts coming out of your neck has been deeply imbedded in our society as an iconic Halloween monster whom we call “Frankenstein”.

The difference with this “Frankenstein” is that contrary to other monsters associated with Halloween, this one does not come from an ancient legend or from religion, as would be the case of a ghost for example. This comes to show the impact Mary Shelley had with her book! Creating this classic novel with a “creature” in it ended up surviving the test of time to become a monster which we’ve coined as “Frankenstein”.

So there you have it, you probably now realize that your entire life is a lie. Nothing is real up until this point. All jokes aside, it still stands that the green monster you’ve been paying no attention to every Halloween is not even named Frankenstein, despite what your 1st Grade self might think. Either way, it is still widely accepted as a common Halloween monster in our society, showing how Shelley’s monster has forged its way into our own culture. That’s pretty neat!

Frederic Levesque


One thought on “Green Skin and Bolts

  1. Hi!
    Indeed, since I have not read the book, I just learned that my whole life is a lie. Thanks for the precision. I think it is very important to know for anyone reading the book or watching a movie adaptation of the story, since it is a very popular misconception.

    Good job!
    Evelyne Richard

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