Victor Frankenstein leaves his city after the death of his mother to go to the University of Ingolstadt. Once there, Frankenstein meets professor Krempe, who suggests that he should study more modern sciences rather than old alchemists and philosophers. However, Frankenstein meets also with professor Waldman, who spikes Frankenstein’s interest in studying more profoundly into modern chemistry.

For two years, Frankenstein researches night and day in the lab. He then begins ignoring his friends, family, and his health, to find the principle of life. Suddenly, on a cold November night, he succeeds in creating a human being from several different body parts that came from different corpses. When the creature opens its eyes, Frankenstein is startled and runs away from it. He then falls asleep in his bed from exhaustion and wakes up with the monster standing over his bed. Terrified, Frankenstein runs out of his apartment to the streets of Ingolstadt and runs into his friend Clerval. Frankenstein brings Clerval back to his apartment, having completely forgotten about the monster. To Victor’s surprise, the monster had disappeared. Frankenstein becomes ill, which forces Clerval to look upon him during the winter. During this time, Victor hears nothing of his creation

Soon after, Frankenstein receives a letter from his father explaining that his youngest brother, William, has been murdered. This forces Frankenstein to go back home immediately.  On his way to Geneva, Frankenstein sees his monster near their destination. This makes him strongly believe that his monster is responsible for the death of his brother. However, evidence shows that Justine is the murderer of William, which brings her to court. During the trial, Frankenstein remains silent about his creation because he fears that the citizens will find him insane. Subsequently, Justine is judged guilty and is sentenced to death.

End of Volume 1


Félix Tremblay


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