The story starts with the English ship’s captain Robert Walton, who is writing a series of letters to his sister, Margaret Saville, back in England. Captain Walton describes the beginning of his journey to the North Pole. North of Russia, his ship gets caught in ice. While trapped, Walton’s sailors spot a man who is stranded on an ice floe and they take him on board. This man, as you may’ve guessed, is none other than Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein describes his early life to the captain, explaining he is from Geneva. He is the oldest child of two other sons, Ernest, and William. Furthermore, he also mentions he has a younger adopted sister named Elizabeth, who is the daughter of his aunt. Victor has a close relationship with Elizabeth.

The death of his beloved mother exposed Frankenstein to death for the first time. Since then, mystical philosophers and alchemists have fascinated him. The science of biology comes to interest him more than anything, which fuels his motivation to go to the University of Ingolstadt.

Félix Tremblay


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